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Station Channel Power Rock Vibes on New Single, “I Can’t Find My Way”

Look folks, it ain’t a secret: longtime readers of MetalSucks know that I’m a huge sucker for some feel-good rock vibes with giant-sized vocal hooks. See my recent love affair with dad rock extraordinaires The Night Flight Orchestra, or my ongoing infatuation of acts as disparate as Robyn and Bon Jovi: I can’t resist!

Enter Station, whose 2017 single, “Never Enough,” I described at the time as “the best Firehouse song not written by Firehouse,” an assertion I still back. Station have returned with alllll of those late ’80s / early ’90s power-pop-hair-metal-good-time vibes, and their latest video, “I Can’t Find My Way,” is proof. I listened to it once and had the guitar hook lodged in my head for a couple hours, then I listened to it again while writing up this piece and those vocals aren’t gonna leave my dome for days.

Give the video a watch below. Station’s new album, Perspective, came out this past Friday, October 8; grab it here.

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