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Album Preview: Beo String Quartet To Release ‘Ghosts Revisited’

Pittsburgh-based music collective Beo String Quartet will release their new album, Ghosts Revisited, on October 21, via NeuKraft Records.

Talking about the album, producer Sean Neukom says, “We’ve flipped the roles of string quartet vs rock combo normally found in popular styles. In ‘Ghosts Revisited,’ it’s the strings giving us the substance of the sound. The drums, guitar, bass, and vocals drop in for added definition and texture.”

Essentially, the Beo String Quartet merges classical lyricism with prog-rock and metal elements. They call their sound “Chamber alt.” Ghosts Revisited, inspired by personal transformation, reveals the things causing us to break out of our old skins.

Having appeared on stages across North America, performing classical masterpieces, contemporary works, and their innovative original sound, Beo String Quartet were featured artists for CCM’s 2021 Zemlinksky Prize and the premiere of 19-20, an original work for string quartet blending music and onstage illusions.

Encompassing 11-tracks, entry points on the album include “Dreaming,” which amalgamates thrumming prog-rock textures with glowing string, all riding a pummeling rhythm. “Walking” rolls out on a measured rock tempo as incandescent strings and luminous vocals travel overhead.

“Ghost 2” features dazzling layers of intermingling strings, forming intoxicating leitmotifs, at once shimmering and pulsing. Eerie washes of color and spooky vocals imbue “Dancing” with chilling coloration.

“Ghost 3” travels on percolating strings, displaying buoyant plucking tones. While “Ghost 4” delivers dark melancholic savors, almost elegiac. There’s an edge to the somber tones, infusing the tune with slicing hues.

The final track, “Epilogue,” flows on dreamy tendrils, drifting on sonic clouds of exquisite beauty.

Unhindered by predictability, Beo String Quartet’s innovative fusion of rock and classical instruments deliver unprecedented tonalities and harmonics – potent with the muscle of rock yet palpably graceful because of the sumptuous tints of the strings.

With Ghosts Revisited, Beo String Quartet does what many claim to do and fail – they create beguiling genre-bending music.

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Preview Ghosts Revisited.

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