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Gladiators Debut “Halo” Single with New EP

Lancaster, PA-based metal group Gladiators has just released a brand new EP titled ‘Soul Lore‘ through CI Records.

After spending the earlier part of the year releasing singles, they return with a new video as well for “Halo” the latest highlight track from the ‘Soul Lore‘ EP.

The Soul Lore EP is an anticipated release from Gladiators after a long hiatus. Sporting a new lineup with a new vision ‘Soul Lore’ combines a mix of atmospheric soundscapes, moody vibes, down-tuned guitars, and crushing rhythms along with a thoughtful message.

The effort paints a beautiful soundscape of ambiance and pure energy.

When asked about the latest single “Halo” this is what the band had to say

“What’s interesting about “Halo” is that it was totally a last-minute addition to the“Soul Lore” EP. We already had the four other songs done, but we all felt that there was a certain type of emotion missing from this body of work. We decided to take the chance on doing one more track, something extremely melancholy and spacious, which became “Halo.”

“It’s a song about self-awareness and coming to terms with the fact that perfection is unrealistic. In typical Gladiators fashion, rather than being completely on the nose with the concept, we chose to express this idea through acid-trip-like imagery and some metaphors that are definitely quite out there. When it was all said and done, we felt that the lyrics and instrumental definitely complemented each other well because of this. Hopefully, some people can connect with this one.”



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