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Wrestling’s Newest Power Couple – Kristen and Luis Chevere – They Throwdown But Make It Fashion!

Wrestling’s newest power couple also has a fondness for tattoos. I had a chance to chat with Kristen and Luis Chevere and ask them some questions. Check out their replies below, and check out their website:

1. Welcome to! Please introduce yourself and start off with how you got into the world of Tattoos. What draws you both to Tattoo art?

L: My name is Luis aka Alexander Crowley. I got into tattoos at a very young age, growing up a lot of the men I looked up to had tattoos, so I kind of just followed suit. Found some art I was really into and decided to put it on my body!

K: I am Kristen aka Lilith. I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18 and from there, there was no turning back. All of my tattoos have sentimental value.

2. What inspires you most about tattoos? Which tattoo of yours is your favorite and why (Luis & Kristen)?

L: I think what inspired me most about tattoos is the expression behind them. Every tattoo is unique, and it allows a lot of self-expression. As for my favorite tattoo, that’s a tough one, it would have to be between my stomach, a Baphomet head, or my back piece which is a Demon woman. I think what makes them my favorites are the details and how much I was able to collaborate on them.

K: I look at tattoos as a window to a person’s soul. As for a favorite of mine, that is a difficult one. All my tattoos have a meaning, most of which are dedicated to my family. But I’d have to say my memorial piece for my father. He passed unexpectedly and the artist rendered his likeness perfectly.

3. Luis, you got into body piercing at a young age. Did this go hand in hand with your interest in Tattoos and wrestling?

L: Absolutely it did. I actually started piercing myself and friends in my teens and became a body piercer at age 19. It was a great career; I met some great and interesting people. Working at a tattoo shop allowed me to sit and be tattooed quite a bit which I was not complaining about. It was one of my favorite times in my younger years.

4. Do you feel your tattoos add a heightened persona to your wrestling characters “Alexander Crowley” and “Lilith”?

L: Absolutely. I think it adds to that “badassery” image.

5. What was the creative process like creating custom gear for WWE wrestler Karrion Kross? What’s it like creating your own costumes as well?

L: Creating his gear was very much like creating our own. Kross was a pleasure to work with, we collaborated a lot on the idea for the finished product.

6. What’s it like juggling working as hairstylists while also training and traveling for wrestling competitions?

L: It’s difficult if I’m being honest. It gives us very little free time, but we make it work, we love every aspect of what we do, we have fun and, in the end, that’s all that matters to us. Even though we don’t have a lot of free time, we do everything together and that’s the end goal.

7. What does “Power Couple” mean to you both?

L: To me, a power couple means a partnership, it means best friends. Two people who encourage and push each other to be the best they can be.

K: To me, it means having the best support by your side. Someone who is your equal wants the best life with you and will push you toward your goals and you do the same for them.

8. Share a personal Tattoo story!

L: A tattoo story of mine would have to be the start of my sleeve. I grew up in a small town, there was only one tattoo shop there. I was 17 when I started paying for my sleeve, I walked into the shop which was 18+ only, met the owner and she was nice enough to let me start an “account.” So, every paycheck I received from my job I would go into that shop and deposit whatever I could, by the time I turned 18 I had quite a bit of money and began my Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t realize how popular of a sleeve design that was at the time!

K: So, a tattoo story that I love to tell was a tribute to my grandfather. He was in the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. I wasn’t going to get this tattoo until he passed because he was opposed to me having them to begin with. Well at one point we thought we were going to lose him, so I decided to get the piece. He pulled through and I went to the hospital to show him knowing he wouldn’t be happy. To my surprise, his eyes welled up and he said, “it’s the only tattoo he’d ever love.” He cherished that piece and every time I took him to the VA he would tell everyone and make me show them. I never said no because it meant just as much to me.

9. What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

L: In the next 5 years we hope to be working for a company such as Impact Wrestling, AEW, Ring of Honor, or Major League Wrestling. We’re kind of playing it by ear when it comes to wrestling. We love every aspect of everything we do, so we just want to continue to enjoy it.

10. Thank you for joining us! Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes, follow on our social media platforms!

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